Archdeacon Matthew McGrath – St. Michael’s Church, Tipperary

I write this letter of Reference on behalf of Dennany Reidy Associates, Civil and Structural Engineers who were appointed to look after all structural and safety aspects of repair and reinstatement of the Tower and Spire at St. Michael’s Church, Tipperary Town in 2012. All business and consultation aspects in this regard were carried out by me with Mr. Austin Dennany and I have already expressed my appreciation and gratitude to him for his competence, efficiency and wholehearted dedication he gave to the job on hand.

Austin’s professional and prudent participation at the monthly site meetings and his comprehensive reports on all aspects of construction and safety under his jurisdiction were acknowledge without reservation by all participants and by me in particular.

I recommend, positively and enthusiastically this company, and in particular Mr. Dennany who is well known to me now, as a competent and reputable firm for any construction or development necessitating the appointment of a Chartered Engineer.

Yours Sincerely,

Archdeacon Matthew McGrath P.P.V.G.